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Were your parents perchance hedgehogs? [Jul. 12th, 2012|04:24 pm]


Two quick letter rants.

Dear pedestrians,

You may have right of way over the scooter I'm test driving.

However, please note that right of way will not fix your ankles if you persist in trying to walk straight out in front of me or even swerving wildly in front of me, do you have a prejudice against walking in a straight line or something? Scooters, even with my slow and careful driving still have a stopping distance, please respect this, it will be safer for us both.

Also pay attention to your surroundings. I do not appreciate being lamped with a random balloon because your oblivious ass decided that walking past me was the perfect time to wave it around

Last but not least? If you see a scooter, this is not a cue for stupid stunts like running at it and sliding through the closing gap between the scooter and a bollard, especially not if there were four places to walk through other than that one and two are closer to you than the one some bright spark apparently had to use. If I'd been going faster than 2mph, the bright spark who pulled that one would have been flattened.

The lady on the scooter who really doesn't want to have an accident.

Dear complete asshole.

I know sometimes people have to park.

However there is nothing about needing part that obliges you to park illegally over the only safe curb cut on the road for twelve fucking hours when there are more than ten carparks within less than a mile of you, one of which was literally three steps from your car!

Thanks for risking the safety of others for a couple of quid in parking fees jackass.