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Annoying memes [Jul. 9th, 2012|10:07 pm]


Does anyone else have a big problem with Facebook memes? These are those so-called inspirational photos with a cute or pithy saying on them. They often refer to some form of what has been called "crip-spiration" when a person with a disability is used to show all those able-bodied what anyone can do if they really TRY!

The latest two to get on my nerves were posted by a few of my Facebook friends a couple of days ago. One of them says "Stop subsidizing your illness and start investing in your wellness!" The picture that came with the text showed that taking medication for an actual medical condition is merely "subsidizing" an illness and all you really need to do is eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables. I guess the money you spend on those fruits and vegetables is the "investment in wellness" part. Gee, heaven forbid I actually take those medications that keep me alive and don't just eat a lot of fruits and vegetables -- which, by the way, will raise my blood sugar and eventually kill me if I don't "subsidize my illness" by taking my insulin.

The other one was a picture of Oscar Pistorious, the sprinter who is a double amputee and has just qualified for the summer Olympics, running beside a small child who has similar prosthetics to his. The caption on this one says "The only disability is a bad attitude." I'm going: seriously? So being unable to walk, for example, is not a disability? Being unable to breathe without assistance is not a disability? When I tried pointing this out to the person who posted the picture I was told that having a bad attitude makes your situation if you are unable to walk, for example. I tried to explain that the bad attitude was not the disability here; being unable to walk is a disability! When I complained about this in my own LJ I got a similar response from someone who said that it's really really important to have a positive attitude when you have a disability or you will just make things worse. Again, I tried to point out that the caption on the picture says that the bad attitude is the disability, and that is what I'm complaining about. "Look! Someone can have a completely sunny disposition and always have a positive attitude, but if they have a disability, that attitude is not going to magically cure them!" I don't know why so many people seem to be missing the point on this one.

[User Picture]From: sammason
2012-07-10 08:37 am (UTC)
I think it's about people not wanting to admit to their own fear.
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