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Let off steam!

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Membership is by approval only. LiveJournal accounts less than one month old may be subject to delays in approval due to unfortunate incidents in the past. Thanks for your patience.

gimp_vent is a place for those of us with chronic health problems to let off steam about the clueless and/or unhelpful people who manage to make our lives even more difficult:

- Doctors who just don't seem to understand
- Specialists who don't get it any more than your doctor does
- Family & friends whose advice and/or idea of support leaves a lot to be desired
- Insurance companies
- Benefits/welfare agencies
- Companies who don't seem to have heard of "wheelchair access"
- Unsympathetic and unhelpful employers/former employers
- People who pet or otherwise harass your service animal
- Those who think "Cheer up!" and "It's all in your head" constitute good advice

... and the many other people or organizations who, quite frankly, haven't got a clue what it's like to be us, what our needs are, or how to treat us like human beings.

Community Guidelines

1. Please be civil and tolerant towards other community members - friendly discussion and polite disagreement are welcome, flames and personal attacks are not. For further exposition on this topic, please see: http://community.livejournal.com/gimp_vent/77222.html

2. No personal vendettas against *named* persons, please.

3. No trolling. Attacks on community members, the community itself or on disabled people in general will not be tolerated. We have a sense of humor, but lying about or pretending to have a disability just to yank our chains is not funny. Lying about war casualties is especially Not Funny. Joking about or glorifying suicide or self-harm is also not funny. Trolls will be screened or permanently banned, depending on the severity of the offense. If you suspect a troll, DO NOT REPLY OR COMMENT on the entry. Contact a moderator instead and we will deal with the problem.

4. Please try to keep your posts easy to read for the benefit of those of us with sight problems or reading disabilities.
  • Don't write in all-capitals.
  • Don't change the colour or the size of your font.
  • Please put some kind of punctuation on the ends of your sentences.

5. We know that coherency and accurate spelling isn't always easy or even possible, particularly for brain-fogged or dyslexic members, or those with mental health problems. All we ask is that you do your best to write something we can all read.

If you need a spell-checker, LJ gives you the option of running a spell-check on your post.

6. If your post is *particularly* long, it would be nice if you could put most of it behind a lj-cut. If you're not sure how to do this, feel free to ask!

Community Maintainer - fledchen

If problems (for example, trolling or heated arguments) happen on this group and I haven't turned up to put a stop to it, please, do contact me and let me know! I would like to keep this community a friendly, or at the very least a civil place.

fledchen can be contacted here.